Friday, October 23, 2009

SfN ... coming soon to a location near you

Word on the street is that Chicago is going to be added to the rotation list of cities hosting SfN. Also, SfN will return to New Orleans in 2012. What are your thoughts? Which is your preferred SfN city?

Me? San Diego. But, then again, I'm very partial to San Diego!


  1. Adding Chicago would be sweet! Despite the problems with the shuttles it was great fun & the food was wonderful!

  2. Chicago is pretty much my new favorite US city that I don't live in, but the folks at McCormick Place have GOT to step up their game re: wi-fi, food, and coffee before we get back there.

    You know what I'd like to see back in the rotation? Miami! That was my first SfN ever, and it was an absolute blast.

  3. Atlanta is tempting because I already live here, so I could attend cheaply and spend my travel money on an additional conference... I loved visiting Chicago, though. Have yet to visit NOLA and SD, and I haven't been to DC in about a decade, so I can't really say much about them.

  4. We had the conference in Atlanta back in 2006 it was...meh (not The Meh, but just meh). I don't know how I feel about Chicago being added unless they go with a 4-city rotation. I love San Diego, and DC is easily the best city as far as getting around from hotel to convention goes. Been there twice and never had to take the shuttle.