Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Chicago food tidbits ... in case you're hungry (and poor)

If you're low on funds but hungry for some good food, there's a great place in the SfN hotel district called Pompei Pizza that you have to try out. My friend Haley Speed, a post doc at UT Southwestern, had the baked minestrone, which she said was very filling. It has a tomato base with celery, carrots, and lots of basil. The noodles were small penne that she described as being "the size of a 4cm long capillary tube cut into about 8 sections." There are 2-3 slices of French baguette placed on top that's covered by a thick layer of mozzarella cheese. All of this is baked in a pizza oven and served piping hot and fresh.

With a large drink, the total comes to $6.95! And Haley says, "it's pure deliciousness!"

In addition, Pompei offers a great country Italian atmosphere with swing music from the Golden Age (like Frank Sinatra!). They have sample dishes lined up at counter so you can see what you'll be getting. There's also great pizza and pasta and a full dessert menu. Haley says it's a nice, hip, jiving place.

There are several locations but the one (now) frequented by Haley is at:
212 East Ohio
Chicago, Il 60611

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