Friday, October 16, 2009


Whether you're looking for a fine culinary experience or you're just freakin' starving after walking around the McCormick Center all day, you want food and you need it now! Here's just a peek at the 411 on places to eat ...

Al's Beef claims to be Chicago's #1 Italian beef since 1938. According to Dibs Almonte & Brandon Walters, both neurobiology grad students at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, this is one restaurant that is definitely true to its word.

It's Al's Italian beef sandwich that garners all the attention here. Thinly sliced, oven-roasted beef that's seasoned just right is served on fresh Italian bread. At around $10 for the regular (6") Al, french fries, and a drink, this is one Chicago taste experience that's perfect for those of us on a budget. And according to Dibs, his sandwich was "messy but damn tasty!"

Al's Beef is conveniently located at 169 W Ontario St. in the heart of the SfN sponsored hotel district.

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